Welcome to Primal Living with Ginny! I am glad that you are here!
I have struggled with my weight since 7th grade. That was a few years ago! Over the years I tried many different things including exercise, calorie restriction, Atkins Diet,  following American Heart Association guidelines & eating low fat & it never worked. I just got bigger & bigger. I had almost forever given up & was trying to mentally adjust to  just being an overweight person when my daughter NEWSFLASH lost 50 pounds in no time at all! I was all over her about it! She had started CrossFit & the Paleo diet. I  wasn’t going to be left behind! What the heck was she talking about? I asked people if they had ever heard of CrossFit or Paleo. My daughter kept sending me CrossFit videos & how I could scale WTH? I was so embarrassed by my size & lost on how to make a change. When she came home for Thanksgiving she showed me how to do pushups, squats & sit-ups & scale them. I started off doing 5 of each per day. Hahaha!!!
One day in early 2012 I finally got the nerve to walk into my 1st CrossFit box. My 1st work-out was March 10, 2012. I was pretty sure I was going to die. I could hardly sit for days. I had to take the elevator at work. Don’t forget you squat to use the toilet OMG! I kept going back. I heard more about Paleo. There wasn’t a lot on line about it then but I got started & finally weeded out the English muffins, crackers, cheese & months later my diet soft drink I loved. No more giant jars of parmesan cheese, blue cheese
dressing or cheddar cheese. Somehow I managed.
It’s now been 3 & ½ years. I’ve lost ½ my body weight. I did lose some before I started Paleo & CrossFit but this time I did it the right way! I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. My BMI (body mass index) is normal, my labs (glucose & lipids) are normal or low, & I can easily tie my shoes. I cross my legs all the time-because I can. I’ve learned new ways to cook & new ingredients to use. I didn’t die, I don’t suffer, I’m a pro at knowing when to scale at CrossFit & for once in my life I can say “lose 10 pounds? Easy peasey!!!”.
Please take a look around my site. My hope for you is that you find something to help you be successful, live to be 120 & be in the best shape of your life!!
See you soon!
September 27, 2015 – Celebrating 3.5 years of a Paleo Lifestyle & Crossfit!