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Frugal Paleo

Recently I met a lady that told me she and her husband tried Paleo but found it to be too expensive.

I beg to differ.

In the beginning when I stopped buying all of the SAD items I found it to be about equal.

For the past year I have been underemployed with a reduced income. I have remained true to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I have eliminated more expensive types of protein such as seafood and most beef. Here are some ideas I have used on a limited budget:

  1. Use your crockpot to coax as much flavor as possible out of your food. Low and slow cooking produces the most tender cuts of protein especially with less expensive cuts.
  2. Pay close attention to grocery store sales.
  3. Buy produce in season.
  4. Pile on the less expensive veggies and avoid waste.  For example when I make my crockpot chicken for lunch I use the entire celery stalk and leaves instead of half of it like I used to.
  5. Sea salt adds great flavor and minerals. Lately I have been using Jacobsen Salt. I found it at the Williams-Sonoma Outlet in Vero for a decreased price. I don’t cook with salt but may use a few grinds on the finished product.
  6. When using citrus zest the fruit first for increased flavor. For example with fajitas, Lime Pork Tenderloin and Lime Jalapeno Marinade.
  7. Be on the lookout for Paleo items appearing in stores as it becomes more mainstream and compare the prices. For example BJs is now stocking Chosen Foods avocado oil spray which I use on my grill. It’s more expensive than at Wal-Mart but they often run out of it.
  8. Whole chicken is less expensive than cut parts. I cook it in the crockpot. Yes cleaning it’s a pain but you get a very tasty less expensive product.
  9. Pay attention to how long produce stays fresh from which store. For example I find BJs organic baby spinach lasts the week versus anywhere else in spite of the “use by” date being the same. More for me, less for the compost pile.
  10. Be mindful of cost per ounce or pound. For example Bella or white mushrooms are about the same at Wal-Mart and BJs. Wal-Mart is $1.99/8 ounces. BJs is $3.99/1 pound 8 ounces. That’s an extra 1/2 pound at BJs for me!!


This past week I listened to the series “Broken Brain” by Dr. Mark Hyman. There were many speakers including Dr. David Perlmutter (Brain Maker) from Florida. It covered all issues neurological including ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, MS & TBI. Current research shows that these diseases are now felt to be related to the gut-brain… Continue Reading

Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash

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Goals versus Resolutions

Some experts suggest making changes immediate such as the popular 30 day challenges. For some people that works. Resolutions. If you’re like me I eased into changing from a SAD to Paleo. When I ran out of a SAD food that was the end of that. One at a time. It didn’t take long. I… Continue Reading

Bone Marrow Butter

You’ve probably heard of the many benefits of bone broth. Bone broth is often made from marrow bones. Bone marrow contains collagen, fat and cholesterol and stem cells. It helps the body rebuild itself, build immunity, assist with blood clotting, takes oxygen to cells and helps with leaky gut issues. Here’s another way to get… Continue Reading

Zucchini Pork Rolls

I love kitchen gadgets! I just got (on sale!) a KitchenAid vegetable sheet cutter. It is incredible! It turns vegetables into sheets of thin sliced vegetables. I’m always looking for more ways to add vegetables and this sure is an easy way. Here’s my first attempt: 1 zucchini cut into sheets 1 pound ground pork… Continue Reading

Paleo Holiday Tips

or how to avoid holiday temptations! One of my clients is facing her first holiday season so it reminded me of more tips. Work treats, family gatherings, parties. This was the most challenging time of the year for me and the first year it was the hardest. It’s breaking old habits. I used to bake… Continue Reading

Paleo on a budget

When I changed from a SAD (standard American diet) to Paleo I decided the cost was about the same. Here are some tips to help keep costs down: -stock up on turkey and freeze around Thanksgiving when it’s on sale. -chicken has a big difference in prices. I prefer chicken tenderloins which are more expensive. Bone… Continue Reading

Holiday traps to avoid

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Pleasing Plates

You eat with your eyes first! Consider trying to make pleasing plates. It’s not going to happen some days but try it when you can. Here are a few ideas: -buy a few Oriental looking plates. I used the ones below when my children were younger. -try clear glass plates. They’re inexpensive. -prepare Mezza which… Continue Reading