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Goals versus Resolutions

Some experts suggest making changes immediate such as the popular 30 day challenges. For some people that works. Resolutions.

If you’re like me I eased into changing from a SAD to Paleo. When I ran out of a SAD food that was the end of that. One at a time. It didn’t take long. I think that’s a big part of why I’ve been successful for over five years. Goals.

Goals are something you can work on. In 2012 I had three goals and no reason to believe they were possible. I wrote them on a sticky note and put them on my kitchen cabinets at eye level. Put money into savings every pay period, walk thirty minutes daily & add veggies to every meal. In March I met all three of these goals and more after I started CrossFit and a Paleo lifestyle.

You have to choose what works for you! Happy New Year!

Paleo Holiday Tips

or how to avoid holiday temptations! One of my clients is facing her first holiday season so it reminded me of more tips. Work treats, family gatherings, parties. This was the most challenging time of the year for me and the first year it was the hardest. It’s breaking old habits. I used to bake… Continue Reading

Paleo on a budget

When I changed fromĀ a SAD (standard American diet) to Paleo I decided the cost was about the same. Here are some tips to help keep costs down: -stock up on turkey and freeze around Thanksgiving when it’s on sale. -chicken has a big difference in prices. I prefer chicken tenderloins which are more expensive. Bone… Continue Reading

Holiday traps to avoid

Holiday traps to avoid: -check out the cute little cans of soft drink pictured below. Don’t fall for it! It’s loaded with sugar. -watch out for sauces. They are usually loaded with flour and maybe sugar. -treats at work. Keep avoiding them. Smile, say thank-you and walk away. -family gatherings. Make your preferences known. Take… Continue Reading

Pleasing Plates

You eat with your eyes first! Consider trying to make pleasing plates. It’s not going to happen some days but try it when you can. Here are a few ideas: -buy a few Oriental looking plates. I used the ones below when my children were younger. -try clear glass plates. They’re inexpensive. -prepare Mezza which… Continue Reading

Paleo Okra 4 Ways

Okra is one of my summertime favorites. It’s a staple in the south. Per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) it has 7% carbohydrate, 28% vitamin C & 16% magnesium. I have always adored fried okra. You know, dipped in corn meal and fried in a cast iron skillet. I don’t eat that way anymore so I… Continue Reading

Personalize Paleo-Carb Refeed

Paleo living is not set in stone. You start with the basic template and adjust it for you based on your goals. Mine are #1 weight loss/maintenance and #2 performance in CrossFit. The way to find out if you need to/do better on more carbs, fat or protein is to change one thing you do… Continue Reading

Primal Living-Reduce Waste

Primal Living for me includes working on decreasing my footprint on the earth. It probably started when we began a recycling project at church as a teen. I took an ecology class in high school and did a Girl Scout project on recycling. That adage “waste not want not” is my goal. I try not… Continue Reading