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Personalize Paleo-Carb Refeed

Paleo living is not set in stone. You start with the basic template and adjust it for you based on your goals. Mine are #1 weight loss/maintenance and #2 performance in CrossFit. The way to find out if you need to/do better on more carbs, fat or protein is to change one thing you do… Continue Reading

Primal Living-Reduce Waste

Primal Living for me includes working on decreasing my footprint on the earth. It probably started when we began a recycling project at church as a teen. I took an ecology class in high school and did a Girl Scout project on recycling. That adage “waste not want not” is my goal. I try not… Continue Reading

Paleo Dogs

When my son and his dog Koda moved back home, I noticed that he kept staring at me in the kitchen. I had talked to a veterinarian previously about having a dog eat Paleo. Because of their nutritional requirements she recommended supplementing commercial dog food with Paleo foods. If you have a dog you already… Continue Reading

Paleo Batch Prep Tools

I’d like to share some of the items that help make my batch prep cooking easier. I will be making a YouTube video on it shortly and you can view the products there. Under the same name as this website. Thanks! Slow cooker-most everyone has one of these. I make chicken tenderloins with celery, mushrooms… Continue Reading

Snacks for Tweens, Teens and Adults

A couple  of years ago I noticed that my then 10 year old grandson was constantly hungry and in the pantry. He loves junk food just like my granddaughter and most Americans. Parents get upset with children wanting junk. They’re hungry for some top nutrition! The thought of a child, especially my grandchild being hungry… Continue Reading

ADHD and Diet-the Gut-Brain Connection

We all know someone that has the signs and symptoms or has been diagnosed with ADHD-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It covers quite a range from difficulty sustaining attention, easily distracted, and loses things to fidgets, repetitive motor movements, difficulty awaiting turn or difficulty organizing tasks. Common patient complaints include chronic constipation and fecal incontinence. That’s rough… Continue Reading

Sugar- cut it out!

Sugar is a big problem most people are aware of. It’s everywhere and one reason I rarely go out to eat. I’ve tasted it in a tomato type topping on a Cajun chicken dish, it’s in most barbecue sauces and in most processed foods. I’ve been surprised reading labels. It’s in Jamaican jerk seasoning as… Continue Reading

Size Matters-Food Psychology

I cherish and enjoy old things: jewelry, silverware, glasses and linens. Friday I drove two hours northwest of home to visit areas near where my family is from. Some of the towns I hadn’t been to in years. One place caught my eye at an intersection and I suddenly realized that was where I had… Continue Reading

Rock Shrimp Rock!

As a poor college student my fresh seafood options were shark, tile fish & rock shrimp. They were all inexpensive and I cooked them often. I used to boil rock shrimp. They’ve been called the poor man’s lobster. They have hard shells and Continue Reading

Skewer it!

I am always amazed at how much people like protein on a stick. I think you could put just about anything on a skewer, grill it, and people will eat it-especially guys and children in my experience. I’m going to share some ideas and tips! Tips: -soak wooden skewers according to package directions. Depending on the… Continue Reading