Changes to Expect with a Paleo/Primal Lifestyle

Let’s say you’re overweight and you decide to try Paleo. What are some things you could expect? How do you handle other people? Your family? Here are a variety of things that I experienced:

-In the beginning I lost 4 pounds/week most weeks. I dropped about a size a month. Be prepared for clothing issues.

-After 30-40 pounds down I could go somewhere that I frequented and could have gone undercover. No one recognized me!

-For work lunch I still take my cooler and go off by myself. When everyone has pizza I say “Oh, no thanks”. If they persist I tell them I eat gluten free. Then I tell them I eat Paleo. If they keep on I smile and walk off.

-For work donuts, cake or ice cream I just smile and say “enjoy” and walk off. If someone tries “oh one little bite won’t hurt” I tell them I have an obesity problem. If they persist I use the “morbid obesity will always be on my medical record” card. That usually shuts them up.

-I did not go out to eat for a very long time and still don’t very often. I find sugar in food that shouldn’t be there. Once you’re strong in Paleo good places to try are steak houses and seafood restaurants. Most restaurants now really work at accommodating special dietary needs. Hey they want your money!

-Family dinners are an issue. Ask what they’re having. Take something Paleo to share. Just pack your meal if you must.

-I saved tons of $ on clothing as I lost. Eddie Bauer, Lands End and American Eagle are happy to exchange clothes that no longer fit. Save your receipts.

-I still have body image issues. The brain is hard to change. I bought and still use a full length mirror and look at myself.

-Women-expect to lose that chest early on.

-Buy cheap exercise clothes and only a few. I started off with cheap men’s basketball shorts from Wal-Mart and t-shirts. Exercise clothes can get pricey. Hold off until your size goes down.

-Take pictures along your journey.

-Pick a day to gather food and prep for the week. Get used to frequent produce stops. Try to look ahead and don’t be caught off guard and hungry.

-Read labels! I still get surprised.

-Beware of paleofication. Limit these items to treats. Paleo cookies, bread, tarts…the list goes on. Tempting. A cookie is still a cookie. Occasional treats only and not in the beginning.

-Listen to your body. Learn how to know when you’re hungry. If you don’t tolerate a certain food don’t eat it.

-Chart your progress. Be proud of yourself for changing your life!

Today is the start day for a friend of mine. Her date to remember is August 13, 2017. What will yours be?



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