Ginny’s Primal Quick Start

  1. 20150920_134053Clean out the pantry, refrigerator & freezer. Self control doesn’t work. Remove anything white, all carbs, refined & processed foods. Donate it or give it away. You won’t die.
  2. Go shopping. Read all the labels. Sugar is hidden everywhere! My favorite places to go include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, BJs, WalMart, & Publix.
    1. vegetables-local/organic best. Pick the colors of the rainbow.
    2. protein-fish, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, bison, eggs. Go for lean, pasture raised or wild caught.
    3. fruit-limit or eliminate if weight loss is your goal. You will survive. Start with melons & berries.
    4. fats-coconut oil (high heat), butter, ghee, EVOO (medium heat), avocado oil. Almonds, walnuts. If weight loss is your goal eliminate nuts. Mini guacamole.
    5. miscellaneous-seasonings help. Fresh herbs, Italian seasoning, blackening powder.
    6. drinks-black coffee, water. No artificial sweetener.
  3. Cook.The key to success is being prepared. Meals should be something like this:
    1. 4 ounces lean protein or 0.7 to 1gm of protein/lb. of lean body mass. This is total bodyweight less fat weight you can guess.
    2. several vegetables
    3. some good fat
  4. Exercise. Everyone starts somewhere. Go walk, bike or swim.
  5. Sleep 8-9 hours. Work to protect your sleep. Keep your bedroom free of electronics.
  6. Journal. Primal Blueprint 90 day Journal is fabulous! Wish I had had one when I started. Take a picture, measure & weigh. Pick one day a week to weigh, one day a month to measure. Track your exercise. Get started on your journey!!