Gluten-free, grain-free…what’s all the fuss?

This is a public service announcement for you, friends and family. I’ve noticed lately comments on social media poking fun at certain food eliminations. I admit some companies have gone overboard advertising their food as gluten or grain free when it never contained gluten or grains to begin with.

Some people have medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus or Celiac disease and their health really depends on avoiding sugar or grains. In my practice I see a lot of my diabetic patients not avoiding or reducing sugar or carbs. This can have long range implications such as heart disease, risk of amputation, decreased eyesight and kidney failure. People with Celiac disease simply cannot tolerate grains. It can lead to anemia, osteoporosis, and increase your risk of lymphoma. Many other diseases or health problems are thought to be associated with these products also. I highly recommend reading “Brain Maker” by Dr. David Perlmutter.

Other people have discovered they feel better not consuming these products. The Paleo belief is that these products did not exist before civilization over 20,000 years ago. We are not meant to consume grains nor highly refined sugars. Sweet fruit had limited seasonal availability and was not the large highly palatable fruits available now. Honey was limited thanks to the bees. Grains were not cultivated or consumed.

I have discovered that avoiding grains and sugar has meant significant weight loss that alluded me for decades. My gut has good health and I have been able to stop heartburn meds. And yes I still eat hot sauce.

So poke fun all you want but consider that maybe there is a reason to avoid grains and sugar-highly addictive and harmful foods.

Happy Labor Day!

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