Paleo Batch Prep Tools

I’d like to share some of the items that help make my batch prep cooking easier. I will be making a YouTube video on it shortly and you can view the products there. Under the same name as this website. Thanks!

Slow cooker-most everyone has one of these. I make chicken tenderloins with celery, mushrooms & onions. I divide them into servings and put them in a pint freezer bag. The next day I make it again. That’s lunch for one month. I cook a chicken to debone for another use. I save the broth in a plastic quart deli type container to use to make rice for my son. It adds a lot of flavor. I cook a turkey breast in it. Put the turkey and herbs in, off to work and dinner is ready after CrossFit. I save that broth also for making rice.

Instant Pot or a safe pressure cooker-I cook a large head of green cabbage in it in only 4 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes for the pressure to build up plus the 4 minutes. Super fast. Okra and tomatoes (canned or fresh) 3 minutes instead of over an hour on the stove. Pork tenderloin 30 minutes. Just a great time saver!

Food processor- I have 2 sizes. A small one for chopping nuts or ingredients for a marinade. A large one for grating cauliflower for cauliflower rice or combining larger amounts of ingredients.

Plastic freezer bags for portioned meals.

Plastic Bento type containers for individual meals to prep, freeze, grab and go. My son prefers these. You can buy them on Amazon or Webstaurant.

Plastic deli type containers ranging from about 2 ounces to a quart. I buy them at Gordon Food Service, Amazon or Webstaurant. I batch prep my tomatillo salsa in 2 ounce containers and have enough for quite a while. I make Paleo ice cream, put it in 3 ounce containers, freeze & share. Currently I have some tomato meat sauce I made in the Instant Pot in 3 or 4 minutes in a quart container. I take some out, heat it & have a quick snack sometimes before CrossFit.

Happy batch prepping!

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