Paleo Dogs

When my son and his dog Koda moved back home, I noticed that he kept staring at me in the kitchen.

I had talked to a veterinarian previously about having a dog eat Paleo. Because of their nutritional requirements she recommended supplementing commercial dog food with Paleo foods.

If you have a dog you already know no alcohol, heavy seasonings, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins or chocolate.

I started offering Koda what I was preparing on top of his regular dog food. He loves melon and some berries but watermelon is his favorite. He stalks me for sautéed (unseasoned) zucchini (his favorite) and yellow squash. He likes cooked cabbage and cauliflower rice (plain). I also give him raw chicken liver, gizzards and hearts. He likes meat trimmings that would otherwise go in the trash. No bones of course!

Check with your veterinarian and see what your dog might enjoy!

Below Koda trying cracklings and just a pretty picture (his stalking look). Good boy Koda!!IMG_1084 IMG_0874

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