Snacks for Tweens, Teens and Adults

A couple  of years ago I noticed that my then 10 year old grandson was constantly hungry and in the pantry. He loves junk food just like my granddaughter and most Americans. Parents get upset with children wanting junk. They’re hungry for some top nutrition!

The thought of a child, especially my grandchild being hungry is ridiculous to me. Yes, I get upset over child food hunger in general.

So what did I do? I pan sautéed my grandson 6 large shrimp in butter. I gave him the cocktail sauce he requested but he didn’t use it. He wasn’t back in the kitchen until dinner time. Good protein and good fat!

Here are some of my tips:

-most grocery stores have pre cut veggies and fruits. If you don’t have time to cut them up use those.

-use small tapas bowls and plates. Make it fun-let them use toothpicks to spear food if they’re old enough.

-shrimp cooked in butter.

-mini bison burgers made into squares using a brownie type baking pan as a mold.

-apple wedges with nut butter.

-use a cocktail spear with 1/2 cherry tomato and a small piece of cut protein. Use a tapas bowl for a dipping sauce.

-make melon balls versus slices or wedges.

-almond butter between 2 small crackers with a few mini chocolate chips.

-small turkey meatballs. I make a recipe and freeze them. I can defrost and cook them in the microwave. Serve with a small tapas bowl of mustard for dipping.

-I do make traditional nutritious cookies where I substitute almond butter for peanut butter. Everyone loves them and no one has a clue. Sometimes I add unsweetened coconut flakes.DSC_0068


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